Konya'dan Avrupa'ya Şırınga İhracatı
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The medical company which was established in Konya to manufacture bed head units. Now exports 40% of the syringes that it started producing 5 years ago to European countries. Mr. Hayrettin Şeker Chairman of Berika Medikal, said that they started syringe production in 2016 in their company, which was established 10 years ago as a Turkish-Romanian partner investment.

"We sell to European Union countries"

Explaining that their company manufactured bed head units at first and then increased their product range, Mr. Şeker said: "We started the syringe production as 5cc and 10 cc first and then completed other sizes. Thus, we reached a market share of 35% in Turkey in 2019. After being established. We reset Turkey's syringe imports. Turkey's annual consumption is 1.5 billion on average. Currently, imports are completely cut off. Besides, 40% of our production goes to export. We sell to European Union countries. We export to Italy, Spain, Poland,  Romania, Croatia, Germany. We produce in EU standards. The rate of locality in our products is 80%, I hope we plan to increase this rate to 90%." Emphasizing that 1.5 billion disposable injectors are used annually in the health sector in Turkey, Mr. Şeker said that He said that they produced 500 million of them themselves.

80% of the our staff are women

Mr. Şeker stated that 240 employees are in their factories and 80% of them are women.

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Konya'dan Avrupa'ya Şırınga İhracatı
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