06 AĞUSTOS 2020
While this production continues, a product that has never been produced in the medical field will be produced in Konya in a short time.

One of the four brands in Turkey Konya, writes poetry Berika Medical Company, a major investment in preparation. The company, which is currently producing syringes with a significant capacity, will produce "Medical Serum Set" in an area of ​​15 thousand square meters. R&D tests have been completed.

Everything is ready. In my meeting with the company's General Manager Hayrettin Şeker, he said that the whole video is ready. a product that is not produced in Turkey will enter the market recently with the locals. Work has begun on the investment, which will employ at least 200 and over 30 million TL. They set a completion target for September 2021.

After such an investment would have prevented a serious import in Turkey. Until today, products that have always been out of the country will now be delivered to hospitals quoted from Konya.

The production is done in the medical sense of Konya, this industry is moving towards becoming one of the leading cities in Turkey.
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