About Us

BERİKA TEKNOLOJİ MEDİKAL was established in 2010 by Turkish entrepreneurs with a European company that has many years of experience in the sector. Konya has been chosen as the head office, especially because it has a strategic importance in logistics and is very convenient for production.
First of all, disposable medical products has been imported to Turkey market. In 2011, it was decided to produce medical gas systems and started production in 2013. Today, there are distributorships in more than 20 countries for medical gas systems. 
In 2015, imports were terminated and injector production is started. Production area is completely controlled by the automation system in accordance with the GMP standards.
we operate in the field totally 25.000 m2 open area, 14.000 m2  closed area and 4.500 m2  clean room as suitable of GMP standards.
We continue to keep our relations permanently with our clients. In this way, we constantly improve and develop our products as depends on hospital requirements.
We design and manufacture our products in best quality, reasonable price to provide maximum customer satisfaction.
Our success is based on professional staff and customer satisfaction.

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